Information is the currency of your business.
Stop worrying about it.

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Your business runs on data.
Protect it without changing the way your people work.


You’re not in business to worry about your confidential data being lost or stolen. That is our job. Safetica Data Loss Prevention software simplifies securing your data against loss, without changing how people work.


Know where all of your data

Most businesses do not store sensitive data
in one location. It exists throughout your


Know where your business data

Learning where your sensitive data is being
sent and shared lets you see where you have


Know how your sensitive data
is used

Understanding how your data is being used,
you can better protect it while keeping people productive.

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Every business runs on information, here’s why people worry:

Business today means that you’re dealing in data -- regardless of whether your business is healthcare, financial, business services, automotive, logistics, or something altogether different. You’re also dealing with good, bad, and careless people who can all expose your most precious information.

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of employees leave with
company data

Almost all employees leave a company with some proprietary files with them, and 59% believe they own the data they take.

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is the average cost for one
data breach

The combination of fines, lost competitive advantage, and deteriorated customer trust rose 23% in 2015.

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of companies share business-related data unsafely

Your data is being shared by email, public cloud, removable drives, and even instant messengers. It’s time to stop that flow.

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