Losing business to data theft

How a telecom company stopped losing business to data theft

Telekom Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia is the second biggest telecommunications services provider in Southeast Asia with an annual revenue of USD $5.5 billion, the company employs 28,000 people. However, the company discovered that it lost an $85 million contract because of a data leak. The company needed to secure sensitive data, so they created a highly secure Telekom Malaysia Tender Evaluation Centre (TMTEC) on the 50th floor of the headquarters building in Kuala Lumpur, complete with a dedicated elevator and controlled access.


Telekom Malaysia knew that it needed a DLP solution for the 90 computers in the TMTEC. By using ordinary USB flash drives (instead of $400 secure drives), Safetica and Telekom Malaysia were able to keep costs down and reduce replacement costs (four of 86 flash drives were lost during training alone). Additionally Safetica tracks how employees are working and how computers are being used so that the IT department is notified if there is an attempt to share data. Since 2012 Safetica has monitored and controlled access to sensitive documents across Telekom Malaysia without the need for acquiring expensive hardware.

“Safetica now successfully safeguards information on tenders in Telekom Malaysia, the second biggest operator in southeast Asia.”
Mitthiran Raman
TM security project manager

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