Protecting Secret Recipes

How a Coca-Cola distributor protects sensitive data

Coca-Cola Sabco

Since 1940 Coca-Cola Sabco has produced and distributed non-alcoholic beverages for the Coca-Cola Company in South Africa. Through the years, the company has grown to become the sole distributor of Coca-Cola products in nine countries throughout Africa and Asia. However, this expansion also means that the company has to protect trade secrets such as recipes, bottling processes, and customer lists.


Safetica deployed a comprehensive internal data security solution throughout the company’s plants and offices in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Safetica began protecting data immediately and allowing Coca-Cola Sabco to adapt rules and policies as management learned more about how employees worked. Additionally, Safetica gave management insight into employee productivity.

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Food industry – Soft drinks


9000 employees, 18 plants


Data Leak Prevention
Data Security Audit
Employee Activity Audit

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