Keeping patient data safe:
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There’s a containment battle going on in clinics, hospitals and medical practices across the country – the battle to contain patient data.

The headlines tell you there’s an outside threat from hackers who want to steal and sell patient records. And it’s true there’s a wealth of personal information in each record that makes them far more valuable than stolen usernames and passwords.

But there’s another threat to confidential healthcare data that’s dangerous to overlook. There are good, bad and careless patterns of behaviour inside your organisation that affects how vulnerable you are to data loss.

Think you’ve got this covered?

Last year 112 million patient records leaked from healthcare organizations in the United States.Big breaches – the loss of more than 500 patient records at a time – happened at a rate of four times a week.

And the cost of clearing up after a data breach in healthcare is almost double the cost of other industries.

So download a free copy of Safetica’s Healthcare Guide to Data Loss Prevention and you’ll discover:

  • The risks and costs of data loss.
  • Case-studies of how healthcare organizations have lost data – and been fined.
  • How technology can help to prevent leaks and keep you on the right side of regulators.

We cut out the jargon to give a clear view of what your organization needs to know – and do – to mitigate the threat of data loss.

So what is Data Loss Prevention and why is it a vital security step for your business?

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