Learn how to calculate your return on investment with Safetica

Download our guide to help calculate the ROI of deploying DLP technology within your organization

There are a number of ways to calculate the ROI of deploying Safetica within your organization. For those who are just concerned with preventing data theft or leaks, the numbers are pretty straightforward.

However there are additional benefits that are related to identifying the best and worst employees, as well as educating people how to work safely.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to:

Calculate Cost of Data Loss

  • Understand the direct costs of data-leak response and indemnity
  • Estimate the indirect costs of fines, loss of trust, loss of sales, and loss of reputation
  • Analyze the costs of detection and escalation versus implementation and operation

Better Understand How Employees Work

  • Identify malicious employees and those ready to leave
  • Spot and reward the most productive employees
  • Recognize behaviors that could lead to accidental data leaks

Download a free copy of Safetica’s calculating ROI whitepaper.

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Safetica gives me confidence that nobody can steal our confidential data. If somebody does something risky with our data, I get an alert in real time.

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