Ready to uncover where
your data is at risk?

People make mistakes. Yet it’s just one of the vulnerabilities you face when in
preventing data loss. That’s why you need a data security audit.

Data threat audit

A 30-day data audit and report will highlight potential data threats from inside
and outside your company as well as the channels through which data can leak.

In-depth control

You will be able to analyze data by device and employee to highlight who is sharing
confidential information, so you can put a stop to it.

Detailed insight

See how your employees are really working with sensitive business data so that
you can apply data loss prevention in ways that still allow people to be productive.

In 30 days our data audit will help you gain insight into how your
organization uses data and where potential vulnerabilities lie.

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Want to see what a Safetica data audit report looks like? Click here to download a sample report.