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Take the stress out of data loss prevention with
free deployment and free training.
All part of the Safetica experience.

Chances are that your formal business training and expertise is not in data loss prevention, encryption, or regulatory compliance. Fortunately ours is. So our team is available by email, chat, and phone to help you set up Safetica, review the data, and protect what’s important for as long as you’re with us. Free.


Our support is included with your purchase at no additional cost.

Free Data Rick Analysis

Free data
risk analysis

We’ll go through your data with you and show you what you need to protect and how to best do that.

Free Installation and Deployment

Free installation
& deployment

We’ll help you get Safetica up and running in your office and on every computer and mobile device.

Free Policy Setup and Configuration

Free policy setup
& configuration

We’ll help you establish DLP policies and configure your protection to enforce those policies.

Free Ongoing Support

Free ongoing

We’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST for as long as you use Safetica.

We’ll support you even before
you make a purchase

Get to know us first

When you sign up for a free trial of Safetica Auditor you also get our support team to help you set up and track your data flow.

Know how your data flows

Once the Auditor begins collecting information, you’ll see how people work with your sensitive data, and where you’re vulnerable to leaks, sabotage, and attack.

Knowing how your business actually works allows us to help you deploy the right data loss prevention and protection policies. Working with people, the way they work best, gives you the best chance to secure your data without losing productivity.

Free Data Audit

Get real business results in 30 days with our
free data audit.


It’s much easier to use than other security software in its segment.

CTO, MGK Technologies

When You Need Something More


Paid Professional Services

Sometimes you need more than what our free support can offer. If you need advanced support services, we can help there too. Our expert team can work with you over the phone or in person on a variety of custom needs.

Call us if you need help with an advanced risk assessment tailored to specific needs or requirements, assistance with long-term custom policy management, or customized office training.

Stop stressing about your company data.
Give us a call so you can focus on building your business.

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