Stop worrying about your data.

Safetica simplifies DLP security for any industry by first learning how your people work

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Every industry has specific needs.
Preventing data loss is common to all.

Every business in every industry that uses any kind of information shares the same concern – how do you protect your sensitive data while still letting your people work with it? That’s why Safetica starts by learning how your people work while enforcing data security.

DLP For Health Care

Don’t get caught by a PHI

94% of healthcare organizations admit to a Personal Health Information (PHI) security breach. With data encryption, Safetica stops that.

Safetica for Healthcare
Data Loss Prevention For Financial Services

Protect sensitive data between audits

89% of companies don’t maintain PCI compliance between assessments. Safetica makes sure sensitive data stays safe.

Safetica for Finance
DLP For Engineering and Manfacturing industries

Keep intellectual property proprietary

77% of employees take business data to help in their next job. Stop data loss to protect your competitive advantage with Safetica.

Safetica for Engineering
Data Loss Prevention for Business Services

Keep your insider information

Insiders account for 55% of data losses. Safetica stops client contacts and plans from leaving with former business associates.

Safetica for Business
DLP technology for Automotive industry

Keep your customers from being stolen

59% of employees believe they own the data they create. Safetica keeps your customer data secure when salespeople move.

Safetica for Automotive
Data prevention for Logistics companies

Improve the logistics of moving data securely

63% of businesses lose sensitive data to careless leaks. Safetica helps you move sensitive data safely across your supply chain.

Safetica for Logistics

Data breaches can cost you millions.
Learn what’s at stake and how to protect yourself.

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Only with Safetica can you:

insider threat prevention icon

Stop accidents and attacks from spilling data

With automatically enforced compliance and data encryption, it’s impossible for accidents and attacks to expose sensitive data.

productivity and security

Keep productivity and security

Because Safetica analyzes how people work, it simplifies securing data without affecting productivity for your best people.

Safetica easy deployment and installation

Start protecting yourself

Safetica is designed to be fast and easy to deploy. Contextual DLP protects files based on how they’re used, so you don’t have to catalog each file.