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Sales people come and go. We make sure your
customer lists don’t leave with them

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Safetica DLP makes it impossible for your sales people to leave with your business in their hands.

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Protect your clients

Safetica helps you protect your clients’ sensitive data from breaches and your business information from competitors.

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Protect your business

Your business is built on relationships and trust, Safetica simplifies the process of securing sensitive data and your customers’ trust.

Secure your company IP

Protect your investments

Safetica safeguards your investment in building your reputation, processes, proprietary information, and client lists.

Safetica Managing director

“We lost about $2 million when one of our employees shared our internal pricing and client contacts with a competitor, who then offered their products for slightly less than us. Now we have Safetica to prevent that.”

Managing Director
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Why Safetica

It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep
business information safe

Safetica world wide experience

Proven safe

Safetica has 7 years of experience preventing data loss for hundreds of customers around the world.

Behaviour analysis feature of Safetica DLP software

Behavior analysis

Safetica continually monitors how people work with data, showing you vulnerabilities early.

Free business support comes as standard with Safetica

Free support

Safetica offers free support before you install, during installation, and ongoing as you need.

See what Safetica can do for you.

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Protect your business and safeguard your services.

Your business services company is built on your reputation, experience, and client list. The challenge is that 77% of the time employees take that data with them when they leave.

Safetica helps you identify vulnerabilities and risky behaviors, then secures your sensitive data to prevent data loss from ever happening. See what Safetica can do for you.

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