Workplace mistakes:
the quick guide to
keeping data secure

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Look around most businesses and you’re likely to find two broad types of mistakes.

There are the errors that start and spread inside a firm. Often this comes from over-sharing of information and indiscriminate access privileges. Data flows too freely and security gets compromised inadvertently.

Then there are the mistakes that happen outside a business. That’s when laptops, phones or even USB flash drives are lost or left behind. It’s when emails with sensitive data are misdirected. Or when a hacker dupes you into clicking a rogue link or downloading malware attached to a message.

The good news is that many of these mistakes are avoidable. The bad news is that when they happen, they can be costly: financially and for your market reputation.

So download a free copy of Safetica’s Quick Guide to Common Workplace Mistakes and discover:

  • The types of common mistakes involving confidential data
  • Real-life examples of costly errors
  • How technology can help to mitigate risks and prevent accidental data loss

You’ll learn about Data Loss Prevention technology and how it can help avert costly workplace mistakes.

Download your free copy of our guide today.

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