Choose the right DLP solution
for your business.


Learn where your sensitive data resides and how people are working with it.

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All these great features to discover
& monitor data breaches

  • Real-time monitoring for data breaches
  • Email, network, and printer monitoring
  • Instant alerts and reports
  • Dashboard console with Active Directory integration
  • Activity and productivity reports
  • Company-wide application and website monitoring
  • Free business support

Safetica Data
Loss Prevention

Protect your sensitive data from internal, external, accidental, and intentional leaks.

Includes Safetica
Auditor Plus

  • Real-time control & encryption for external/removable devices
  • Context-based DLP for fast deployment & management
  • Restrict access to websites, network & cloud drives
  • Prevent confidential data from being attached to emails
  • Data policy management by device, employee, & department
  • DLP simplifies HIPAA, SOX, PCI, ISO compliance
  • Web console for enforcing security policy management
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard for ongoing monitoring
  • On-premise solution keeps data safe behind your firewall
  • Custom branding allows you to keep your brand first
  • Free on-boarding, deployment, and setup help

Safetica DLP
with Mobile Control

Protect your data and the mobile devices that your business uses, even in BYOD environments.

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Includes Safetica
Loss Prevention Plus

  • Anti-theft protection for mobile devices (Locate, Lock, Wipe)
  • Web console to manage & control DLP from mobile devices
  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms
  • Easily setup and manage mobile & BYOD security policies
  • Manage multiple devices per user

This tool is a nice entry into endpoint security.
And we found that the value for money is good.

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