What is data loss prevention?

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data loss prevention

The insider threat to confidential data in your business – revealed.

Want to know one of the best-kept secrets of the security industry?

Most confidential data breaches need someone inside your business to work. The biggest threat? You know them, you hired them.

With one accidental click, the door to customer data, bank records and intellectual property can be left wide open. Worse still, a growing number of employees walk out the door with work-related data when they leave for a new job.

That’s great news for your competitors.

So what are the tell-tale signs of trouble? And how do you stop data leaks and breaches in their tracks?

Download a free copy of Safetica’s quick guide to data loss prevention and you’ll discover :

  • The key risk factors
  • The costs of a data breach
  • Real examples of how small businesses have been caught out
  • How technology can help to prevent leaks – and improve your management performance

Our jargon-free guide will help any manager or business leader understand the insider threats to data security in their organization.

So what is data loss prevention – or DLP technology – and why is it a vital security step for your business?


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Safetica gives me confidence that nobody can steal our confidential data. If somebody does something risky with our data, I get an alert in real time.

IT Manager, VOK Software