Keeping Customers Safe

How one BMW dealership protects its customers

BMW Invelt

BMW Invelt is one of the biggest and most successful authorized dealerships for BMW, ALPINA and MINI vehicles in Europe. As such, its customer list is one of the company’s most valuable assets, especially the large corporate client list. After the CEO was approached by a salesperson from another dealership who wanted to sell his dealership’s customer list, BMW Invelt knew it needed to protect its customer data.


Deploying Safetica DLP, the company ran an in-depth security audit that showed that data was leaking from BMW Invelt in standard ways – by copying confidential data to external devices such as USB flash drives, attaching data to emails, uploading to public cloud sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and even printing it.

To roll out the new security, BMW Invelt decided to use Safetica’s notification mode, which taught employees how to securely handle data. Gradually this approach was replaced with a more restrictive mode, which prevents data from being mishandled. BMW Invelt also used Safetica to create encrypted USB drives, which is now the only type of external device on which employees can copy data.

Now confidential data can only leave BMW Invelt when properly protected. The CRM database is protected against any attempts to export data. The finance department has clearly defined rules that only allow confidential data to be sent to specific external service providers. Additionally, the IT department gets immediate notifications about possible security incidents, along with digital evidence that it can use for verification.

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