Quick guide to Data Loss
Prevention for Engineering and Manufacturing

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The nature of engineering and manufacturing firms can make them more vulnerable than other industries to a confidential data breach.

It’s likely you’re in a supply chain with access to sensitive information from other partners in the process. They want to know you’re protecting their data.

You probably see sub-contractors come and go as new projects arrive or conclude. You hope they arrive and follow security protocols and leave confidential data behind when they leave.

And your competitors would give pretty much anything to get hold of your customer lists and intellectual property.

So download our free Quick Guide to Data Loss Prevention for Engineering and Manufacturing to learn about:

  • The risks and costs of data breach
  • The Good, The Bad and The Careless patterns of behavior behind data loss
  • How technology can help to mitigate risks and prevent leaks

Our jargon-free guide will introduce Data Loss Prevention technology and explain how it can help prevent both accidental loss and malicious leaks of confidential information.

Download your free copy of our guide today.

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Safetica guards your company’s data and prevents it from leaking into your competitor’s hands. Without it, when a data security incident occurs, you are powerless.

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