Employee exit: quick
guide to data security

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when employees leave

Sometimes you’re sorry to see an employee go; sometimes you’ll can’t wait to see them walk out the door. But whether you think they’ve been an asset or a liability, there’s a risk to your data when employees leave.

Eight out of 10 departing employees will take strategy documents or presentations with them – they see it as their work, after all.

One in three will think nothing of taking your customer data with them. They think it’ll give them a head-start in their next job.

If you’ve let them use their own device at work – whether phone, laptop or tablet – the odds are you haven’t thought about trying to wipe company data when they leave.

So download our free Quick Guide to Employee Exit to learn about:

  • The key behavior patterns when employees leave
  • Case studies of how disgruntled workers can put data security at risk
  • How technology can help mitigate risks and prevent accidental data loss

You’ll learn about Data Loss Prevention technology and how it can help keep confidential information inside your business when an employee walks out the door.

Download your free copy of our guide today.

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