It’s time to stop stressing
about losing company data.

Safetica secures sensitive data against human risk factors – accidental and intentional –
because to err is human. With Safetica you get:

Peace of mind

Safetica not only encrypts data, it studies your network and company workstyle
to identify and lock down vulnerabilities.

Affordable care

Safetica is designed to be affordable for small and mid-sized businesses.
And our support team is always free.

Headache-free compliance

Safetica makes compliance much easier with ongoing monitoring and
policy enforcement combined with unbreakable encryption.

Quick and easy protection

Safetica lets you deploy in days and adapt as you grow.

Discover what hundreds of customers around the world already know
– Safetica adapts to the way your company works to truly prevent data loss.

Call 1-877-545-1509 or fill out the form and we’ll call you.

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